Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Looted Wagons 10

Again I was tempted to wait till the second Looted Chimera was finished before posting anything, but then I thought balls to it.

So here it is so far.

The track units have been lengthened and the flotation tanks replaced with plating.

Once assembled with the Chimera floor and front piece I added the flooring in and started building the rear of the cabin area. Still need to do the internal sides and do a load of detailing.

Should of got a pic of the underside really. Three pictures isn't much of an update really. Wish I had waited now. Oh well.

In other news my 3D prints arrived yesterday. I shall wait untill the moulds and first cast is done before doing an update on them (hopefully sometime in the next few days).


  1. Very cool! Always enjoy seeing the looting process. Definitely looking forward to seeing how the 3D prints turned out, and how the molding process goes!

  2. That added section on the side skirt is spot on looks orky but workable still great design as all ways loving the look of this so far can I have it when your finished lol……greta job so far.

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    The Chimera is now finished (update already up...). Hoepfully it'll be on eBay soon so if you want it Lone Dirty Dog you'll have to fight for it...

    Mordian 7th: Plan on doing a post regarding the 3D prints & casting tomorrow (all being well).


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