Sunday, 8 January 2012

Looted Wagons 7

I was originally going to wait till each Wagon was finished before showing anything of them, but then I thought 'sod it'. Here are the WIP pictures.

The first Looted Chimera is about 50% done. Not started on the reinforced ram or the sides yet, plus I need to finish off the rear (firing steps & rear ramp) and the turret (magnetise Big Shootas, banner, krew & cupola) plus the drivers viewport.

This was a badly built Chimera picked up off eBay,
I decided to cover up the gaps with some Orky repair work.

I doubt I will get it finished tomorrow as I have too much on, but I think I am on track to get this first one finished by Monday night.

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  1. I like the little ripped out floor bit in the back of the one chimera, with the grate showing. Always like little bits like that.

    Gonna have grots?...


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