Sunday, 22 January 2012

Looted Wagons 12

Here is the final post on the Looted Wagons (because I don't know about you but i'm getting tired of seeing Looted Wagons...).

I got some better pictures of them this morning in (sort of) daylight.

Looted Wagon 1:

Looted Wagon 2:

For those who are interested they are both now on eBay.


  1. Given how much work has gone into their creation and how long the series is you should really consider making a pdf of "Looting Wagons" and do a little featurette on each. Love your work, if I could scratch-build as well as you I would be ecstatic.

  2. You're a real inspiration to me, I hope that's not to soppy! I'm off to challenge some lions to single combat now....keep it up ;)

  3. Seriously Rictus... You and Sheet Styrene is like Bacon and Eggs.

  4. As always man your skills are very impressive. One particular question. I have is about destressing. You've referred to that technique multiple times but I'm unfamiliar with it. So what is it exactly? And hey if you ever want any minis sculpted I'd love to do an exchange project with you sometime.

  5. Cheers for the comments, always appreciated.

    Pirate Viking: Not sure what you mean, like a tutorial type of thing? To be honest pretty much everything was covered in the articles I did for BoLS.

    Musings, Shofer & LuckyNo.5: Cheers, and Mmm...bacon.

    Jonathan: Basically it is just the edging on the styrene panels. Using a knife to rough up the edges and adding in nicks, cuts etc. In the pictures above you can see how the edges have been roughed up.


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