Saturday, 14 May 2016

Warhammer Fest 2016 - Part One - Blood Bowl.

I will do a few posts covering today's event, starting with Blood Bowl...

Had a number of conversations with the team, especially Andy Hoare who put up with me going back about four times (though one conversation was mainly to do with Adeptus Titanicus). Thankfully he is a man with a lot of patience.

First up what I can remember:

The release is hoped to be end of the year.

Box set contains the first two teams, Orcs and Human in plastic.
The pitch is double sided with a Human pitch on one side and an Orc pitch on the other.
The rules have not been changed, they are the rules which has been around for a while now.

In total there will be six teams in plastic (Human, Orc, Skaven, Elf, Nurgle and Dwarf). Other teams will follow in resin. There is also likely to be resin conversion sets.

There will be more pitches which will also be double sided (Dwarf/Skaven & Elf/Nurgle) with more possible later including tournament specific ones.

They are looking at neoprene pitches but as yet they don't know, it comes down to cost and if they can get them in large enough quantities and other factors but it is something they would like to have.

Several expansions are mapped out including the first one covering seven more teams and league rules.

If all goes well Dungeon Bowl will also see the light of the day.

Onto the pictures...

Models first, the two teams from the box.

The double sided pitch and team dugouts (also double sided):

The plastic pieces are the range ruler etc.

The other bits from the box set:

Mark Bedford (another guy with lots of patience) has done the concept work for the teams and had his sketch book on hand.

Also on show were 3D renders for the Dwarf team, done by Dave Thomas (players) and Chris Drew (Death Roller).

Part One done, Part Two will I think be Horus Heresy related...


  1. I can't say I've even considered myself a Blood Bowl fan, but wow these look good!

    Double-sided pitch is neat and those Nurgle concepts in particular are of interest to me!

  2. They all look really good wxcept one thing - the human team models look a bit too similar - there is too many guys just standing with both of their arms out. Hope that gets a little bit changed but otherwise loving it!

    1. The Human and Orc teams are complete and you'll get what you see.

      There will be two of each sculpt I believe as the further plastic teams at least will come on two duplicate sprues, I am assuming the teams in the box set will be the same.

  3. Card for Ogre star Player but no mini previewed?

    Those Nurgle sketches are just right. Will find it hard to ignore this one - Might even sell my old 2nd Ed BB stuff just to make room. :)

  4. One thing I've noticed from the sketches. The Nurgle team concepts don't conform to the current rules. The CURRENT player types for Nurgle are: Rotters, Pestigors & Chaos Warriors plus 1 beast of Nurgle. The current rules for Nurgle do not have a thrower, catcher or lineman. If the concept art for Nurgle is correct, the team rules for Nurgle will have changed.
    Still, really looking forward to this. Such a great game and a cheaper entry point to hobby gaming.


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