Sunday, 8 May 2016

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 14

The heavy weapon teams are progressing, here we have the three finished Mortar teams.

I made a new ammo box for the mortar shells. Below you can see (left to right) the original I made and cast up, the 3D print I had done and then the new case I made and cast.

The 3D print was unusable unfortunately. Even with using liquid GS and sanding the surface was just horrible. Hence making a new one from scratch. As you can see I kept the original idea of having one of the tubes open and empty (as on all three bases I have the teams modelled with one shell in their hands). But with the new case I also had a second tube open with a shell inside.

I would rather have gone with the 3D print but alas until high quality prints are available at an affordable price it is going to be limited use for me, which is very frustrating as there is a lot of other pieces I would like to model up and get printed.

Once I had the ammo boxes cast up I could put the three teams together.

For the first team I covered up the one open tube with a lid. I did think of adding tops from the open tubes but couldn't be arsed. My thinking is the guy would just toss it out of the way.

For the final team I dremelled out the one tube, these guys have either lost a shell or got in a shot while the other two teams were still sorting themselves out.

Having that hand hold the wall was a bugger.

Next up will be the six lascannon teams, below is a look at the first of the lascannon casts which I have cleaned up. Quite happy how they have turned out. Just the rest of them to do now, and the crew, and the bases. Joy.


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