Friday, 13 May 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - Warhammer Fest and Other Things.

No real reason to do a post tonight but I thought I would get one in before I head to Warhammer Fest tomorrow.

If anyone who reads RD is there and wants to say hello feel free. I shall be wearing a T-shirt with a large orange grinning face on known as Pumpkin Smileybones...


My main aims for the day are:

1. Sign up and Attend FW Seminar.
2. Purchase FW Open Day Tickets.
3. Accost FW team.
4. Accost Specialist Games team.
5. Take pictures of anything worth taking pictures of.
6. Probably buy a Mourngul. Probably.

So onto non Fest things.

Since the last update I've not touched a model, just been one of those weeks.

After the weekend I should be back to the heavy weapon team to try and get the last of the Militia models finally finished.

I've got the photos taken for the next Into The Archive post...

Now I'm on the final straight with the Militia infantry I may get to start on the Horus Heresy forces soon...


  1. Darn, sorry we missed you there! WHW on Sunday. Great weekend.

    1. No worries, always a long shot at these things. I'll be at the FW Open Day so keep an eye out then and say hello if you see me!

  2. Wish I'd seen this post earlier, I went up Saturday, last minute, with my 6 year old son. Would've been nice to say hello