Monday, 2 May 2016

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 13

Bit more progress.

'Rictus' Pattern Lascannon. Now waiting for the mould to cure.

Decided to redo all of the bases. I wanted to keep the same idea but I wanted to maximise the room on the base for the HW team.

So I ripped apart one of the bases, cut the front off and built a new wall.

I built up the ground behind the wall.

I got a mould done and cast up three bases, which I have put to use with the mortar teams.

Still plenty to do on them, had to re-build some crew members and the weapons themselves (they aren't in a great state). Waiting on same mould to cure for the mortar ammo boxes as the lascannon.

One base has had the sand added as the ammo box will be sitting on the rock at the back.

As you can see I went with the 'They are over them, fire it over there, not over there, over there' pose.

I have ripped apart the original Lascannon bases as well. The bases will go towards other things (I'm short of 60mm bases). Just need to cast some new walled bases and some lascannon now so I can start putting the new teams together.

The crew below need a lot of work cleaning up and rebuilding in some cases.

Alas I'm almost out of resin, so I will need to wait for some new stuff to arrive before getting all of these guys done. I have enough resin to get a couple of sets cast so I should know soon if the new lascannon and mortar ammo boxes turn out any good.


  1. Those are looking fantastic! Excellent work, man.

  2. Love the lascannon work, and the base walls just add so much!


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