Monday 23 May 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Back on the (Rotting) Horse.

Now you may remember a while back I did a 'what's coming in the future months' type of post which said over the coming two to three months we would see a number of things being tackled.

Well that was somewhat swept under the rug when I decided to redo the spare/hobby room.

Since then I've only worked on the Militia. On the one hand there isn't much left of them to do...on the other I need to work on something else as a break.

So going back to that previously ignored post it says that I wanted to get at least one unit of the Daemons from a PIP or WIP state to a finished one.

As such that is what I will be looking at next, I have a number of WIP or PIP units/models in the force that with a bit of effort will get finished.

Here is the current state:

On there prime examples of units to finish off are the three PIP Nurgling bases...

...and the second Blight Drone.

Now I have a new unit to add to the chart. I mentioned that I would be looking to buy this at Warhammer Fest, they didn't have one there (as expected) so I had to wait to the weekend for it to arrive.

The plan is to use the Mourngul as a Daemon Prince in the Nurgle force. I admit to not being a big fan of Daemon Princes in Daemon armies, I prefer all pure bred Daemons (that probably doesn't make sense). The main thing I wanted to arrive is to have any Space Marine links. This guy looks creepy and is suitably large enough.

How could anyone not like a fellow with a face like this?

I may make a few changes to the face to give him more of a visual link to Nurgle Deamons, possibly remove an eye hole and replace with a horn.

The awkward bit will be the claw where he will be fixed to the base. The Mourngul is modelled with his one claw grasping onto a dead horse. A dead horse doesn't really fit so I need to replace it with something else. A rock probably.

Might need to give him an appropriate back story.

Everyone likes a tragic back story.

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