Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - Fest.

Quick filler post while I continue working on the Militia heavy weapon teams (the fun).

Warhammer Fest.

I have decided to go to Warhammer Fest.

Only decided in the last week as I had no intention of previously going. Hadn't even been tempted previously.

Basically towards the end Games Day became something of a disappointment, the last time I went was 2011 - you can read my thoughts on that day out here. I can't be certain but I think there was only one more Games Day after that before it went away (maybe two? I don't know, I stopped caring).

Then Warhammer Fest arrived and in all honesty I didn't really care, I was far more interested and keen in going to the Forge World Open Day and the Horus Heresy Weekender, two excellent events which put the horrors of Games Day to bed. Some of the reports I read of the first Fest didn't exactly ring of positives.

So why am I going now?

Well, a big part of it is simply I should give one a go rather than sitting smugly at home thinking 'why do you bother going? It'll be naff' when I see on forums or blogs someone saying they are going. It is somewhat unfair to simply dismiss the event without giving it a go, the fact is it isn't Games Day and it deserves to be given a chance, as this isn't the first one so the organisers should have learnt lessons from the previous Fest as well...

On top of that it's £20 and only an hour away, I know Forge World will put on a damn good show and there is a FW seminar being held which is always something being in the audience of.

With this being the first event that Specialist Games are properly a part of it will be interesting to see what they can show and tell us of what is coming, with Blood Bowl hopefully having a decent presence as well. The way they have handled Blood Bowl so far has been a surprising delight, whoever is running the Blood Bowl Facebook page deserves a rise.

As such I think it is worth the visit this year.

Whether it will be the only time I go will of course be unknown till the day after...

Either way expect to see a post of three from me after the event (I'm going on the Saturday) with plenty of pictures from Forge World & Specialist Games (depending what they have there) and pics of anything else I see of interest. I just better not miss out on the Forge World seminar...

In other news I had a book arrive today. This will mean probably nothing to everyone else reading this. But this may mean the Militia take a bit longer to finish. 288 pages for me to consume.

Probably enough already for one filler post. I will do another White Dwarf from the archive in the next post. I'll put off doing an update on the Militia until I have a big chunk to post up.


  1. Look forward to your take on Warhammer Fest. That book brings back a rew memories; I love the Wildhearts. I saw them live back in the 90s - I think they were supporting Pantera who were, in turn, supporting Megadeth. Memory is a bit hazy.

    1. The are touring in July, if you can get to a gig, by far the most consistently brilliant live band I've seen.

  2. See you there on the Saturday. We (WeeMen) are meeting up with Col Hertford and the Battle Bunnies too. We are off to WHW on the Sunday, making a weekend of it.

    1. Well say hello if you see someone wandering around looking out of place as it'll probably be me.

  3. If you get the Terminator and don't happen to want him, I can offer him a good home.

    1. I'm hoping to get out without buying anything (other than ticket for the Open Day), otherwise it quickly spirals...


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