Sunday, 3 February 2013

Warhammer Quest - Part Two

Well since finishing the Karrier I haven't been up to much model wise. I have mainly been catching up with some reading (DA Codex, Betrayal for example) and recharging batteries.

However before getting into anything big (such as the Nurgle army) I thought I would knock out the ghouls for Warhammer Quest.

Got one the first one finished third evening. I'll now crack on with doing the remaining six in one go.

Now I am not killing myself over these. They are purely 'table top standard' and I want to them to be nice and easy to finish. As long as they look ok on the board that is fine with me. As such be forgiving when you comment on the pictures above...

I added liberal amounts of blood and plenty of washes to make them down and dirty. I don't think ghouls shuffling around in an underground dungeon to be that bothered about personal hygiene...

The remaining ghouls are ready to go. For extra security I will snipping the pin that they are attached to for painting so it can be used to pin them to their bases.

Talking of bases they are almost done as I did all seven in one go.

Hopefully next update will see them all done.

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  1. Holy crap, you're starting to make this painting thing a bad habit.

    You better stop before we expect you to paint everything you build.


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