Saturday, 23 February 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - Bit quiet & Realm of Chaos!

For me it's been a pretty long break between posts. This isn't down to me not doing anything it's just that I haven't had anything to do a post about.

First off though some news. Over the years of doing this hobby (since the late 80's) I have made mistakes by not buying certain things that I have spent the years since wishing I had. One of these was Jes Goodwins sketchbook (the Gothic and the Eldrich) which I managed to pick up just before Christmas. One of the other things was a set of books...

That GUO looks so cute.
I finally managed to get hold of a set last week and they arrived today. Included in those pages are the articles on Beastmen Warbands and Minotaur Warbands that I first read in the very earliest White Dwarfs I bought (if only it was still worth buying) and hooked me into this hobby (along with the Jes Goodwin Eldar sketches in WD#127).

Chaos Squats! Ah the memories...

If you could still take units like this in a Nurgle 40k
army I would be over it like, appropriately, a rash.

So anyway, over the last week I have mainly been doing moulds and casts.

At the moment I am halfway through casting a couple of gun emplacements - one bought and one for the Rivet Off competition winner.

I have also decided to redo all of my pillar casts. You may remember I did a full set of pillars to try out Zone Motalis, I later did a much improved design of pillar to sell moulds of. Well I have decided as it will be a while before I have time (or room) to do a 'proper' Zone Mortalis board I thought I would do myself a couple of moulds of the Mk II design and cast myself a full set. The Mk II is more user friendly and easier to store. The old casts will be recycled.

I now need to rebase the Mk II master, after doing so many moulds it is ripping free of its styrene base.

The project that took up a lot of time this week was taking this GW ruin from an old Edition of 40k (4th Ed?), filling in the majority of the sculpted damage and then doing a two part mould for it:

And the result is the four casts below:

One of the ruins will become the base of the second Blight Drone, the rest will be used in various states as terrian pieces. Breaking some of them up will allow me to produce larger ruins. My gaming board currently lacks something like this as the scatter terrain currently is just hills and trees (not including fortifications). When I eventually build the Chaos Warhound I am sure the base of that will feature some ruins as well.

That is about it for now. I have more casting to do, this time in plaster so I doubt there will be another update for a few days. I hope to get some more Nurgle stuff in soon though so you never know what may appear.

Also coming in the next couple of weeks another Ork commission, the base vehicles are on order so it shouldn't be long before they start appearing on RD.

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