Monday, 11 February 2013

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Blight Drone 6

And the Blight Drone returns to the painting desk once more...

So I reckon the base is now done. Again it isn't brilliant but I am basically happy with it. May go back later and touch up here and there.

I wanted something a bit different for the tree itself. As well as being the Drone base the tree on this is also the prototype scheme for all of the trees I have to paint for the gaming table. As the gaming table is quite muted and dark I wanted the trees to bring something else.

Close ups of the remains of some poor sod.

Close up of the 'gunk'.

And with the Drone in place it looks like this...

Next up will be to get back onto the drone itself. Add rust, oil paints, magnetise the weapons and do anything else I haven't done yet.


  1. That looks disgustingly awesome man. A really great way to incorporate and disguise the base in a natural way which is a really tough thing to do! Great work!


  2. Neat. Great idea for the base/flying stand! Commence stealing idea in 3, 2, 1...

  3. That looks great Love the idea of the base being the tree. I have a couple of Drones i need to paint and this gives me some solid ideas. Keep up the great work. Love the blog BTW.


  4. Beautiful work, man! Love how the dead white tree contrasts against the black and green of the Blight Drone. Simply awesome.

  5. Cheers for all of the comments, much appreciated.

    And feel free to steal any ideas you want...though hopefully you let people know where they came from originally...


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