Friday, 8 February 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - 20 Months.

20 Months, imagine the crimes you could of done to get that sentence.

Anyway, short monthly post this time round as I can't think of much worth saying.

The last month has seen the Karrier being completed and to be honest not much else, although I did get back onto the Quest figures starting with the Ghouls.

Since the Karrier got posted off I have mainly been catching up with reading (DA Codex, Betrayal, Monstrous Arcanum) and planning out the eventual Heresy force.

So what has the next month got coming?

Well mainly painting. Shocking I know. I have some Ogres to do for Quest and finish the Blight Drone. In addition to that I have more Nurgle bits to build & paint plus the next Orky commission to start.

To finish here are a few blogs I have recently started following. Not done it for a while so thought now would be a good time...

Almost Perftec - Great DV figures

The Sons of Dorn - Lovely Pre Heresy Imperial Fists and Krieg

The Unrealistic Artist - Latest project a great Valkyrie

That'll do. Started painting the Blight Drone base tonight and undercoated the Oggies. So you might get an update soon, however i'm out most of the weekend so I doubt it'll be before Monday...


  1. Thanks for the shout out and thanks for the sons of dorn. Totally, adding that to my blogroll! Holy hell, I'm following 77 other blogs now O.O

    1. No worries, always a good thing to share great blogs worth seeing. Which reminds me I need to update the blogroll on the right with all three listed above.

  2. Hi Rictus, I really appreciate the mention, many thanks!