Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Stuff

Well the last week has proven somewhat barren model wise. I was hoping to work on the War Altar or Weirdboy Battle Tower but alas that hasn't happened at all.

However I thought I would mention a few things...

1. Part three of the Lootin' Article went up on Bell of Lost Souls yesterday. So have a look and post up any feedback if you can as it is always appreciated.

2. I was invited by Miniature Wargame Conversions a while ago to do some articles, but at the time I was working on the Lootin' articles for BoLS so couldn't do anything. However now that is complete I can look to do something else for MWC. But i've got nothing lined up for it yet, so if anyone can think of something they would like to see me do an article on please let me know and if it is possible and I'll look to do it.

3. Erm, there was a third thing. But I was distracted while writing this post and now I can't remember it.

4. What time I have left over the Xmas break I intend to do the following (but won't in all likelihood, if I get some of it done i'll be happy enough):
  • Get the Veteran torsos sorted (something my CRM have needed sorted out for some time).
  • Finish building the Killa Kans.
  • Finish painting the Hell Blades.
  • Do the MWC article.
  • Determine the sizes of the Earthshaker Emplacement
  • Plan next tattoo (ok, not really model related but I'm thinking something Orky)

You may think item four should be the third item but no, there was definately a seperate third item I had mapped out which has now escaped me. I shall leave No. 3 as above and edit in when (or if) I remember.

Oh, in other news I actually had a game of 40k today. I lost, but i'm not too disappointed by it as my mate finally won a game with his Dark Eldar...frankly his run of loses with them was getting a bit embaressing for both of us...

As I don't like doing posts without pictures...

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