Monday, 19 December 2011

Recalcitrant Daze – Bell of Lost Souls, Tattoos and IA 11

Another one of those non-model posts, more general ramblings. I did do some painting today I put forward in my own defense, however it was a window sill not not really worth a picture.

Bell of Lost Souls

First up the second part of my article about Looting has gone up on BoLS. It went up a bit under the radar I think, anyway if you want a read it can be found HERE.

You might remember the plan was to list the three Looted Wagons covered by the articles on eBay this Sunday just past, however it dawned on me that would mean the auctions would finish on Christmas day. To be honest I can’t be bothered with the hassle dealing with them ending on Xmas day. So the Wagons will go up the first Sunday after Christmas I think.

Tattoos & IA 11

Everyone knows most Xmas presents you get are little more than stuff that takes up much needed space. So to guarantee getting something for Xmas I actually want I always buy something for myself, this year this was the following...

My Chaos Stars Tattoo. I love my tattoos.
Even the naff looking two I had done 10+ years ago.

Imperial Armour Eleven. Look at all those Titans.

Over Christmas I intend on deciding what tattoo will go on the back of my left arm and read IA11.

I must admit when the current Eldar Codex came out I was very tempted to do a Corsair force, full of walkers, jetbikes, vypers with Rangers, Harlies and verious other fluffy units. FW doing a Corsair list is relighting that temptation...however I will not give in.


  1. You will give in... don't try to fool yourself. You'll get part way through the story and have settled on exactly what you want in your new army... then head out on boxing day to start buying the extra bits you need.

    We all do it... you will give in...

  2. you'll give in! theres enough toys and mixes on that corsairs list to cost you a pretty penny, though you will enjoy it once its done so i guess it isnt all bad!

  3. I don't think I will crack as I haven't even put all my Orks together yet. I am far better than I used to be when it comes to armies and I don't see me doing anything with the pointy ears till at least after they get a new Codex. I shall just have to continue looking at pictures of the FW kits at drooling in the meantime.

  4. Do like the tattoos, still.

    Shame you're selling the Orky stuff but if you've no use for them then fair enough. I probably would too.

    Merry Xmas.


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