Sunday, 25 December 2011

CRM Veterans 1

The Kromlech torsos arrived last week so I have started to have a look at how they will go with Cadian legs and arms.

As a reminder the torsos look like this...NB: the backpacks are seperate.

I had to remove the bottom plate at the front for them to fit on the Cadian legs.

I'm not completely sold on them at the moment. Something about them just don't look right to me. Here is what they look like:

And with some pouches and arms in place.

I can't put my finger on why i'm not 100% happy with them. The plan is to try out some more arm combinations before deciding if I use them or not.

As a reminder the backpacks I hope to use will be these...

Any thoughts? Do the torsos work and if not why not?


  1. I think the issue is there isn't a belt below the armour plates before the tunics start.

    With the cadian models, the torsos have a bit of tunic below the plates, then a belt, so it all flows together - these dont.

  2. I think what you're noticing is that while the torso is heavily armoured, the legs have nothing. If you threw in some quick thigh plates and/or armoured knee pad and/or shin guard, I think you'd like them a helluva lot better.

  3. Well as they are working out for my heretics army I would recommend thag you use either empire flagellants or skaven plaguemonks. Either way you get a bunch of cool bits and a great set of crazy person cultist legs, the skaven ones will take a bit of work with greenstuff to make look right though but habing done it already its not that bad really. I'd recommend the chem trooper heads from the victoria lamb line for you as well, they look great for evil dudes epecially if you file the hair off them.

    You could also try sculpting chaos icons on their gear as well, I've been doing it and its both easy and looks great, check out my first batch of heretics here:

  4. Rogue Pom & Jake: Both points are worth considering. I'll have a play around and see what I can do.

    Jonathan: While I think yours look good that is far from the look I want. This is a force of professionally trained and equipped soldiers who have been turned to Chaos, so the whole barefooted, tattered robes looks do not fit - especially for the Elite units of the force. The regular grunts use Cadian legs and FW torsos. I already have some sculpted heads for these as well. Chaos icons will be kept to the minimum, no sculpting them on as the gear will be former Imperial, so stars carved in etc will be the maximum done.

  5. I also agree with Pom and Jake. A belt and knee pads would go a long way to tying them in tightly. I think I might need to get some of these for my Blood Pact.


  6. Yeah, the more I look at them the more the look grates.

    I have some Catachan legs kicking around which do not have the tunic coming down and include a belt, so I am going to try the torsos on those and then look at adding some extra armour of some kind.

    If that still looks bad i'll look at alternative torsos (I so wish I could sculpt...)

  7. I think they work, but I'd do something with the shoulder pads a bit, you know, because, the torsos are almost flooded out with normal cadian stuff. I realise you can put stuff on when painted etc. The back packs will help though. I dunno, sorry I've not read other comments, you know what I'm like. It's literally just the top half needs something else. What you thinking heads wise?

  8. Yeah, having slept on it a bit, I see the issue with the tunics as well, but it's not from lack of a belt, I don't reckon. I think it's more due to the fact that your mind knows how cloth reacts to heaving things being put over it, and the skirts of the tunics just don't look distressed enough for having a flack jacket over it that comes down that low. As to that, I'll be damned if I know how to fix it short of a full resculpt. The Catachan legs you mention might work best.

    In regards to the shoulders that someone mentioned, maybe hit them with a file quickly to angle them off a bit more, so they more resemble either of these:

    Now, if sculpting intimidates you as much as it does me, for the armour pads on the legs, why not establish your shapes with pieces of paper (like we do for real armour) and then go from there?

  9. I had a play with the Catachan legs and I don't think it is a goer (to the point I'm not going to bother taking pictures).

    I have decided to try sculpting something. Who knows, I may actually get decent enough at it with enough attempts...

  10. Firstly I have some of these torso's and they have worked out for me with a bit of fiddling, the cleanness of the Cadian legs don't work to well with these torso''s and will drive you mad to distraction.

    I have found using Catachan legs but with some sculpting work's well (they are in need of some serious updating and detailing) but with some work turned out nice.

    I love what you are doing and remember your work back on work in progress forum which inspired me to start a renegade guard army back then, which is slowly coming together even now.

    I have to ask is there any chance of getting some of those packs when you get them cast up as they look fantastic would love to add a few my unit they look lush. "PLEASE, BEG, GROVAL, BOWING DOWN "

    The heads you have had sculpted are there pics for these as I cant find them would love too see them .

    Now I have found this blog I am hooked keep up the great work .

  11. Thanks very much, to hear I inspired someone to do Renegades as well is a very nice to hear.

    I will continue to play around with the Kromlech torso and have a look again at using Catachan legs - the only ones I have at the moment are from the command box set I think. I will also continue to look at alternatives though, more options I have the more I am likely to find something I am happy with (I hope).

    As for the packs if it all works out I will offer them to others to buy. I should be ordering the 3D print in a day or two so hopefully in a few weeks I'll be playing around with cast pieces.

    I will include some pictures of the heads in the next update on the Vets.

    Cheers again.

  12. Thanks for getting back your work has always been a pleasure to view and inspires, glad to hear they will be going into sale would love to own some of those packs they are stunning.

    Hope to see these heads in the near future (always a shortage of good heads ) will you be reproducing them at all ? Hope so always need more variants.

    WIll look forward to the updates cant wait to see what you do and how you get a long with them.

  13. Thanks for the kind words.

    I won't be casting the heads up, a friend did them for me as a favour and did enough for two squads. Hopefully they will work ok with whatever I end up doing.

  14. Rictus dont know if you have seen them but go over to maxmini and check out the new great coat legs might help you out of a dilemma .

  15. Cheers for the heads up, alas those legs will not make a difference. I am more leaning towards converting a Cadian torso and adding a bit more armour to some Cadian legs.


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