Friday, 30 December 2011

Ork Dread Mob 8

Done a bit more on the Killa Kans today. I have decided to go ahead and make a couple of other weapons rather than wait till I can get hold of a couple more Grotzookas.

The front piece has been added to all the Kans, I made some modifications to them so no two are identical.

So we have the Krumpin' Mob of two Grotzookas and a Skorcha.

Then there is the Shooty Mob of two Rokkit Launchas and a Kustum Mega-Blasta:

The KM-B is pretty standard but as before I modified the Rokkit Launcha to have three rokkits.

I made a couple of small mods to a couple of Kans.

First up to stop the one close combat arm dropping down I added a small piece of brass rod to the arm, then drilled an oversized hole in the socket. The magnet now holds the arm to the body while the rod keeps the arm in a raised position.

The other mod was giving the raised foot some tread...

Next up is to do the engine blocks, I've got my fingers crossed I get them done in the next few days.


  1. Again and again I say, 'wonderful little details!' They really add character to each individual kan from each individual mob, I wish I had done something similar to my mobs now

  2. Cheeky...

    Musings: Cheers. I think going the bit extra is worth doing but unfortunately it means things take a whole lot longer to do...I may have enough to play a game in 2013.

  3. Rictus just love the fact that you cant leave no model untouched, just by giving it that little personal touch here and there and making it a stand out piece.

    Love the feet tread such a simple thing to forget and makes all the difference like that idea quite a bit now where did I out my cans ……..

  4. Cheers.

    The awkward bit is filling in the foot before doing the tread.

    It would save me a lot of time if I just built stuff out of the box though.


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