Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Looted Wagons 3

Two posts in one night? Surely not...

As mentioned on RD I recently finished three Looted Wagons for an article for Bell of Lost Souls. The article is now done and has been submitted, the article (in three parts) will appear on the site in some time in the future but as I am looking to sell on the wagons ASAP I thought I would put some pictures of the finished Wagons now.

Rather than putting all three in one post I am going to do a post for each one.

First up Wagon No. 1.

Engine detail.

Removeable weapons & other details not glued in place for ease of painting.
As you can see I went for a 'Destroyer Tank Hunter' vibe for this one - much like an earlier Looted Wagon I did for myself.

Unlike my own Ork vehicles I built this (and the other two) with a style which will let it fit in with GW Ork vehicles. I used GW Ork weapons and glyphs as well as keeping the distressing of the panels to the minimum.

In the next two weeks the three wagons will go on eBay, unless someone makes an offer in the meantime for any of them. Looted Wagon No. 2 should be up tomorrow.


  1. This actually looks really good. How long did it take and is there any reason why it disassembles?

  2. Any reason you're not waiting for the article to go up? I think it would generate alot more interest, and potentially a higher price.

    Looks great too, I especially like the engine detailing.

  3. Muskie: Cheers. I think I spent 10 days working on and off on this wagon. The weapons come off for Weapon Destroyed results while the other parts are separate for ease of painting (and also for posting the tank when I sell it off).

    Sheep: Because it could be ages before the article goes up and I would like to shift them and clear a bit of space.

  4. Very cool! I love the Stug look, it's definitely turned out Orky - keep up the great work!

  5. Cheers! Second Wagon should be going up later tonight...


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