Friday, 23 December 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Ork Clearout on eBay

Basically as well as the Looted Wagons I am sticking a few other Ork bits on eBay this sunday (i.e. Christmas Day).

I am putting this post up now in case anyway wants to grab them before they go up as auctions.

So the items going on eBay will be...

The Looted Wagons

Unbuilt, still on sprue Ork Bikers:

Black Reach Warboss & Nobz:

Unbuilt, still on sprue Nobz:

Two five man squads and Boss Zagstruk. Bases have brass rod added for the boyz which have already been assembled and undercoated black, washers have been used to give the bases a bit more weight. Only one of the boyz has been assembled as a Nob. The jump packs and bases have been painted (though one base will need repairing). To reduce weight plastic parts have been used on Bozz Zagstrukk - both arms are plastic though his metal Choppa has been used.

If you are interested in these please drop me an email at rictusrd-blog at yahoo . co . uk

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