Sunday, 10 April 2016

Modelling. Of a Kind. Finished.

So the spare/hobby room is finally done. Over the coming weeks I'm sure I'll be rearranging some things and finding the better place for everything. However for now all the work is done, everything is back in the room and the house is finally back to normality, of a kind.

Main Desk.

Most re-organising in the coming weeks will be round my main desk, especially what is on the desk and what goes on the shelves.

Under the desk are some of my bits boxes, model bag and the 'under desk' which is home to the stereo.

The 'Other' Desk.

This is ll set up now, Everything in it's places and the casting set up ready to go.

Hanging up is a bag of clean rags, the bag is actually from the first time I took part in Games Day, organising and running the Ammobunker forums presence there. Can't believe that was 2008. Or was it the second time? I can't remember.

Spare Bed/Storage/Back Up Desk.

I rebuilt the spare bed raising it and adding the extra storage including the draw units. At some point i'll sort through everything I have just shoved under there.

I also replaced the back up desk so that it is lighter and can be folded away when the bed is needed, previously I've had to take the board down and find a place for it when people stay. In the future I may redo the hinges so they are recessed but I couldn't be arsed at the moment. It may get a lick of paint at some point as well.

That is that for now.

May actually get to do something with a model soon...


  1. Great space fella, I'm sure your creative juices will soon flow ;)

    1. Cheers. I'll probably have mental block for the next month now...

  2. Won't raising the back-up desk interfere with the light switch? I was looking at the picture and I went "oouuhh" that might be a problem.
    Otherwise, looks good. Very efficient use of space.

    1. Nope, the back up desk hinges down...

      Cheers. Hopefully it was worth all the effort.


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