Sunday, 17 April 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - Comings and Goings.

I got a little done on the Militia earlier (30 minutes counts) but otherwise it has been a day of sorting some things.

As such I have some more bits on ebay...

Bits for sale.

Including a Chaos Warhound Plasma Blastgun, a set of Volkite Culverins and an Ork Deffkopta.

I've also decided to shift my last two Chimeras. The fact is I never use them, while I enjoyed converting them they just sit in a box. The Militia is very much a static defensive force so while I am tempted to keep one as a transport for one of the Vet squads the fact is I'll never take it over another tank or the Hell Hound I have.

So these two will probably go on eBay next Sunday, unless someone drops me an email before then saying they want either of them off me:

Likewise I also have a few Genestealer Cult models which I need to sell off - I've been buying them up for Sheep but these guys are spare, note they will need a bit of clean up and/or gap filling.

Now it's not just about selling stuff on eBay, I have, of course, been buying stuff off there as well.

For the Deathguard we have some Rapiers, though one of the ones in the picture is destined for the ranks of Nife's Heresy force.

I also picked up the Forge World Nurgle Herald which I have wanted for ages. This does mean I now have far too many Heralds for my Nurgle Daemon army. I think some will become purely for the War Altar.

This evening I very nearly put in a £700+ bid for a set of the Imperial Fortress Walls. Thankfully I didn't. I did have to walk away from the laptop to make sure I didn't.

I do want one of those sets though.

Maybe one day I'll build one. May need a bigger house.

There is something I would have bought this weekend, the Index Astartes Apocrypha book. However due to Games Workshop limiting it so much they didn't get my money (and I'm not going to pay eBay prices for one).

I'm no business man but I fail to see their reasoning behind decisions like this. I mean they have been advertising the Anniversary model today even though it sold out within a few hours Saturday morning. Why bother hyping something that is produced in such small quantities that it will sell out immediately anyway with so many being bought purely to sell on at stupid prices?

I know some get annoyed by Forge World and their event exclusive models, but I don't think that is the same. The models are not limited in quantity and are available for a full year - while you can only buy them at events there are a lot of those spread around and most can find people to pick one up for them or to pick them up off eBay at reasonable prices if you wait till after the rush of the first release is done.

Anyway I can't be bothered getting annoyed, it's not worth it.


  1. It's just a ploy. So far every plastic model they've released as a limited edition has shown up somewhere else later. Injected mould plastics are incredibly expensive to setup initially (vs the cost of actually producing the sprues once the moulds are setup). You wouldn't go to the trouble of making that expensive a mould for a single run...

    Now if he was done in resin, that is an entirely different story. That is far cheaper to setup.

    1. No interest in the model at all.

      Only the book I was interested in, that seems to be even more limited in numbers than the model.


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