Saturday, 16 April 2016

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 10

Have I said how much of grown to hate these buggers? Probably, but it's worth stating again.

So now the room is finished I don't have any excuses left to not get on with trying to finish the Militia infantry build off so I can send them to Sheep.

In summary I have the following to do at this point:

1. Artillery Crew (8 No.).
2. Cyclops Crew (3 No.)
3. Missile launcher Teams (4 No.)
4. Mortar Teams (3 No.)

Today I made a start. Again. No idea how many times I've made a 'restart' on this force.

At the end of the day I've made progress on the artillery crew, however I thinking of revising the army list so that I only need the minimum of six (seriously, this is how fed up I am of them, I'm now doing what I can to cut down on the numbers I need to mess around with).

The one guy is originally from the command squad from FW. Had the usual casting issue with the cables so cue a good hour cutting, drilling and Dremmeling to replace them. I also had to replace the end oft he barrel as the sodding thing broke off.

What a smug bastard.
I've also decided to drop the Cyclops units from the force. Partly because it makes life easier as they aren't actually an option in the IA13 list and partly because that is three less models I need to build & convert.

I've started pulling apart the missile launcher teams so I can re-base them on 50mm bases. I've also started the mould for the new bits for the teams.

Unfortunately I've also given myself more work to do by deciding to convert the lascannons. I've never liked the plastic lascannon due to it being so bloody huge. It's meant to be a man portable support weapon but it's nothing like it.

As such I've decided to cut them down and remove the separate power unit, I reckon it is big enough to have an internal power unit. The barrel is now shorter and I've moved the mounting point back. In the pic it is just blu-tacked together. Still needs more work before I move onto the others.

Thankfully the crew can stay as they are, so it won't be a complete pain to change them all.


Not a lot I admit, but I mainly did the post so Sheep can see I really am working on them again.


  1. Proof of life is accepted.

    You've done a good job on the cut down las cannons too, they look a lot better

  2. I completely understand how you feel but at the same time it makes me a little sad that this has become your hobby albatross. Everything about this army is a testament to your attention to detail.

    1. I'm sure once they are all painted and sitting on the table top I'll be able to put the building experience behind me and feel a lot more positive about them. I just need to finish those last few bits.