Thursday, 21 April 2016

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 11

Oh the fun I'm having.

The heavy weapon teams are progressing, slowly, but progressing.

Above we have the new bits for the Missile Launcher teams. Bottom left is the original GW missile, then we have the 3D printed master and next to it a cast missile.

Centre is the first ammo box I did, to the right of that we have the 3D printed master of the new box and below that a cast example (also insert top right showing the handle in place).

As a reminder here are the renders of the 3D models:

The first two teams based:

When the PVA has fully dried I'll add the other bits to the bases (lasguns, ammo box etc).

"Are you going to give me the damn missile Dave or just sit there like an idiot?"

The other teams are proving a pain in the arse. Trying to find arms for the second crewman so I can having him carrying the ammo box is making me want to do bad things.

I spent a good hour or so last night just searching through bits boxes, trying out different options and at the end of it got nowhere.

Any suggestions?

Meanwhile I did a bit more making the new Lascannon. This will hopefully end up as a master I can recast to do all of the teams I have. So far I've spliced together a standard HW team lascannon and a lascannon from the Sentinel kit.

Still a lot to do on it.

I started to pull apart the original lascannon teams. They will need a big overhaul.

Another update on them in a couple of days probably.


  1. Looking good, man! I hear ya about the woes of trying to find the perfect arm, had a heck of a time with the Geno heavy weapon teams a little while ago.

    1. Aye, one thing I have always wanted FW to cme out with is a range of generic arms and hands that can be used in conversions and poses.

  2. You could do some surgery on the placky arms? That's what I've been doing to some old RBT01 Marines. I'm yet to fill in the gaps for all the conversion work, but I'm happy with how they've turned out so far.

    I quite enjoy repositioning minis. Maybe you could give it a go?

    1. Arms aren't really the issue, it's more the hands. I need them to grip the handle and finding suitable ones is the real nightmare. Once I get those the arms can be sorted relatively easily (relatively).

  3. Rictus, you're talented enough - why not just 3d the lascannon up?

    1. Because I don't want to pay as much as I would have to to get a good enough quality print for it to be usable.


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