Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Modelling. Of a Kind.

The way I work is I have an idea, this leads to another one, then another and before I know it I'm elbow deep in blood (figuratively speaking of course).

I've not been able to touch a model since the last update as I ended up taking a different course.

Basically I decided I needed a new desk.

This has resulted in me pulling my spare/hobby room apart, me spending all the money I made selling the Orks and me spending the last week and a half living in a tip and working solidly almost constantly over that time.

There is a lot of stuff squeezed into the room, and all of it had to come out. My bedroom, the landing, the bathroom and downstairs have all had stuff, barely been able to move in some rooms...

I pulled up the carpet and ripped off the skirting, put in a laminate floor and new chunky skirting, put up new shelves and put in a new desk. Painted my old casting desk and did some repairs to the walls. Lots of other little jobs are in there as well. I also pulled apart the old spare bed but didn't get time (yet) to rebuild it with a load more storage underneath it.

Frankly I'm knackered. But here are a few pics to prove I haven't been idle of late.

The new desk and shelves, so much better than the old set up I had. Lots more desk space and better storage.

The mould/casting desk. Still needs sorting out obviously. You can just make out below the Dark Angels picture I picked up from WHW a while back.

Below is where the spare bed will eventually go when I get round to rebuilding it. You can also see the hinged desk top hanging off the wall, this is normally hinged up giving me even more room to spread out.

The last job I did was put up my pictures which had to move from their original postion, though the two on the right have never been up in here till now. Not happy with the arrangement at the moment so this may change. May also pick up some better frames for them all.

Still a few jobs to do to finish the room off before I tackle the spare bed/storage area.

It is also going to take me days to sort everything out and find the right place for stuff. There is still a lot in their temporary storage while I did the work.


  1. Good progress with the weeman room!

  2. Big job, it looks excellent though, I'm jealous

  3. For some reason, I always find other peoples' work spaces intriguing. Looks like an amazing set up - the hard work will definitely be worth it.

  4. We all need our own dens' and Yours look excellent, lots of light and comfortable for the hours you are going to spend in there! Keep up the good work!

  5. Multiple tables and desks for multiple things? AWESOME!

  6. Cheers for all of the comments.

    I am still working on the room...so boring...hopefully finished this weekend so there should be an update around then.