Saturday, 5 March 2016

Recalcitrant Daze and the Horus Heresy

This evening I started to get my Orks out to see what needed to be shifted.

While doing that I got seriously side tracked in getting out everything I have picked up for my planned Horus Heresy armies. These are a Zone Mortalis Adeptus Mechanicum force and a larger Death Guard army.

I have been picking up bits here and there for some time but not started building anything as yet. My main aim was to get other things finished first before starting another project.

But while I had everything out I thought I would take stock as I really hadn't been keeping track that well.

Adeptus Mechanicum.

This is a 1000 point Zone Mortalis force. So all infantry and walkers.

I'm a big fan of the FW Adeptus Mechanicum range, they have done a great job of getting the vibe of the AM without going the easy route of just taking the usual Imperial vehicles and units and sticking on a cog symbol or two.

So for my force we have the following:

Myrmidon Secutor which will be the Magos leading the force.
Two units of Thallax
Castellex (off ebay).
Vorax squad (also off ebay actually).
Scyllax Guardian Automata unit.

I will be starting these guys soon - as the Orks are on their way out I want a new ZM force asap.

Death Guard.

Ok. At this point it gets a bit embarrassing.

I have been picking up units and models for this force since FW launched their Heresy range. I may have got a bit carried away, spreading the purchases out so much means it is surprisingly easy to lose track...

It took two pictures to get everything in.

In this lot we have...

x5 Legion Mk. III sets.
x1 Mk. III Heavy Weapon set (don't remember buying these)
x2 Mk. IV Destroyer with Jump Packs c/with x2 sets of Death Guard Mk. IV Shoulder Pads
x1 Mk. III Breacher set
x1 Mk. III Command Set.
x1 Mk. III Wepon Set.
x1 Rapier (it has crew in Mk. III armour so had to get it)
x4 Mk. III Death Guard Shoulder Pad sets.
x3 Umbra Pattern Bolter sets.
x1 Volkite Calivers.
x1 Volkite Culverins.
1/2 set of Flamers, 1/2 set of Melta Guns, 1/2 set of Plasma Guns (I split three special weapon sets 50/50 with Sheep I think)
x1 Death Guard Heads.
x1 Death Guard Torsos.
x2 Deimos Pattern Vindicators.
x1 Death Guard Brass Etch.

In the second picture we have:

x1 Mortarion
x1 Typhon Super Heavy Tank.
x1 Calas Typhon
x1 Leviathan Dreadnought
Leviathan Weapons - Storm Cannon, Grav Flux Cannon, Siege Claw
x1 Death Guard Contemptor,
x1 Relic Contemptor.
x1 Plastic Contemptor (Calth set)
Resin Contemptor Weapons - x2 Lascannon, x2 Plasma Cannon, x1 Assault Cannon, x1 Multi Melta, x1 CCW, x1 Volkite Culverin, x1 Conversion Beamer, x1 Cyclone Missile Launcher (might be a bit over the top with all those).
x1 Apothecaries Set.
x1 Narik (Show Only figure).
x2 Castellex (from ebay)
x1 Grave Wardens unit.
x1 Deathshroud unit.
x1 Death Guard Cataphractii Shoulder Pad set.
x1 Plastic Cataphractii Terminator unit (Calth set).

The plastic Calth Termies may not end up with the Death Guard but the fact I picked up some DG shoulder pads for them has probably decided their fate...

I would hate to know how much that lot totals. A ridiculous amount I am sure. I may have an addiction.

Actually it was quite handy getting everything out, it's allowed me to get a fix on what is needed to be done and will allow me to plan out the squads. I really need to start these sometime soon..maybe I can get a small force together in time for the next Heresy Weekender.


  1. And I thought I had a lot of unbuilt FW stuff!

    Can't wait to see you actually start the death guard and ad mech, you've been talking about it for long enough.

    1. Well if it is anything like the Militia it'll be a while yet before i have nothing unbuilt left.

  2. Once you start playing heresy you won't look back bigger armies die faster, great missions and the game fits with the fluff. Happy building

    1. I'm looking forward to playing it, just not all that resin cleaning up.

  3. That made me laugh, so much FW stuff you forgot buying some of it, lol. I am the same, I found three laser Rapiers under a pile of FW vehicles...

    1. I think I bought them with some Lascannon but later decided against a HW squad so sold the Lascannon but kept the squad to mix into other squads...I think. In fairness that's nto as bad as forgetting three Rapiers...

  4. Fantastic! That's the way to do it man, buying a little here and there over time and squirreling it away until it reaches critical mass. Can't wait to see the Heresy goodness you get up to!

    1. Not sure about that as it does mean you end up with a pile so large it becomes intimidating.

    2. For sure - I try to only have one or two units built at one time, and put the rest of the blisters and bags in a box out of sight. While building the models is my favorite part, having shelves of unpainted models staring at you can be very disheartening!

  5. You're going to need a very large bore needle to inject all that resin into your veins...

    1. But you just can't beat that resin high.


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