Friday, 11 March 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - A Follow Up and Other Things

A couple of months ago, while still deep in my hobby slump, I posted up a list of things I wanted to aim at doing in the forthcoming one to two months.

I thought I showed revisit this earlier post and see how successful I was at tackling them.

1. Daemons - To get at least one unit which was currently PIP finish.

Result - Abject Failure.

Not even looked at them.

One of the Herald Blight Kings
2. Blight Kings - To get these built as Heralds.

Result Success.

Very nice kit, happy with the results.

3. Militia - To get the last elements finished and sent to Sheep.

Result Abject Failure.

Not looked at them, not even been tempted to get them out. In fairness Sheep is a little pre-occupied at the moment so is hardly desperate for me to send him more stuff.

4. War Altar of Nurgle & Weirdboy Battle Tower - To get them out and make a decision on their future.

Result Success.

I decided on their future - to finish and keep the Altar, to finish and sell the Battle Tower. Delighted I was able to make some real progress on the Altar as well.

Now on hold while I do other things and Maelstrom does a bit of sculpting on the Bell Ringer for me.

5. Inq28/Inquisimunda - To make a start on the warbands.

It's a start isn't it?
Result - (Partial) Success.

Technically I did make a start, namely cleaning up the first two members and giving them a coat of primer, however I can't in honesty claim too much success when I didn't get even one of them assembled.

6. Terrain - Er, not really sure what I was aiming for. I'm guessing to finish some of it.

Result Abject Failure.

Nope, that didn't happen.

7. Pillboxes - To make real progress, casting them, basing etc.

Result Success.

All of the casts are now done, first two are based and this weekend I should get more done (update over/after weekend).

So something of a mixed bag.

"What about the next couple of months?" I hear one of the few lucid voices in my head ask.

Well, this is the new list of targets I am aiming at:

1. Daemons - Might as well give that a second chance.
2. Pillboxes - Get the builds finished.
3. Militia Infantry - Again, one failure doesn't mean this time round it won't be a success.
4. Adeptus Mechanicum - As featured in my recent post about 30k. Get the Zone Mortalis AM force build under way.
5. Inq28/Inquisimunda - Turn the partial success into a fully fledged one.

In other news I had a new tattoo.

Kudos to anyone who recognises him.

Actually, I had two.

That brings me up to double figures in tats. Much more to come, though I'm now having a break as I can't afford new tats and new FW at the same time.

In other, other news. The remaining Ork items will go on ebay Sunday, along with some other items I need to clear out.

I will put a post up once everything is listed with links.

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