Sunday, 6 March 2016

Orky Clear Out

My clear out of my Ork (plus other Orky bits) has started.

Some of the Ork units from my Zone Mortalis force has already found a new home, the rest are now destined for ebay.

However before I go through the hassle of listing them I thought I would ask if any readers of RD would like to pick them up.

We have the following:

Ork Deffdread:

Magnetised CCW arms and the Skorcha is not glued and can be hooked on (hasn't fallen off during games).

Meganob Unit:

Weapons are not glued on and the Iron Gobz have also been left off for ease of painting.

Killa Kans - Six available as either units of three or individually.

ZM bases shown will be taken off, replaced with a mix of plain bases and one in three will have a GW Dread base.

Each power unit is different.

All weapons are either magnetised or can be hooked on/push fit.

Forge World Mega Dread plus two arms:

GROT TANKS! Love Grot Tanks. Almost finished paint jobs.


GW Plastic kit, converted so that the plane takes a thread flying stand instead of the regular clear plastic stand.

Been so long can't remember how much I converted this. I can remember all those sodding rivets I replaced.

If you are interested by anything drop me an email - rictus-blog (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk


  1. Would you like me to post this on twitter, or wait till they are on ebay?

    1. I wouldn't say no to a bit of free advertising...