Friday, 8 March 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - 21 Months in.

The wheel of time slowly grinds on as another month passes by. Another month older, another month closer to the grave.

And on that contemplative and cheerful thought let’s begin this month’s roller coaster Monthly Post.

So what has shown up on Recalcitrant Daze this month?

Well the Daemon force had a new recruit in the form of the finished Blight Drone, his (her?) partner also got underway…

I’m waiting (should of arrived today...) for the new Codex and a box of the new fly riders to arrive, who along with a box of Plaguebearers and a box of Nurglings I already had should see the Nurgle force rounded off. I need to get some of these done for this time next month (see later) so expect so see work on them very soon.

Also this month saw some more painted models with the first batch of figures for Warhammer Quest being done, namely the Ghouls below. Still sitting on my desk are the four Ogres waiting to be done.

Ghoul with a big bone.
I have started building my small Zone Mortalis Deathwing force, which may see an update on the blog soon – though until I have some Dark Angel brass etch arrive to let me pimp up the Contemptors there won’t be much to see. Dark Angels were one of my earliest loves in the hobby after GW did the Deathwing expansion for Space Hulk. Been a while since I have had a DA force which is a shame, doing them as a ZM force allows me to scratch that itch, relive the old Space Hulk days while keeping everything at a manageable number. The entire force consists of 11 Terminators (inc Belial) and two Contemptor Dreadnoughts.

Nothing staggering, couple of minor conversions to the Dark Vengeance
Terminator Squad inc changing the Assault Cannon to a Plasma Cannon.
I don’t intend in painting them for a while, but I wanted to get them built now as it freed up some space for the Heresy Marines I had arrive from Forge World.

Talking of Forge World I've had this arrive:

Woo. Not until May, but I can assure I will do one or two posts on RD on what I see and do there.

Coming Up…

Generally it has been a bit quiet on here of late, however I have started my next Ork commission which you might have seen in yesterday’s blog post here. In total I have three vehicles to do. After this Looted Wagon I have a second one and then a Mekboy Junka.

Talking of Ork Commissions I have received some pictures of the Karrier in its PIP state and thought I would show a few…

Once it is completed I’ll do a proper post dedicated to it. It is shaping up very nicely, and the shots with the Krew really bring it to life.

Some may remember the meet up at Warhammer World I had with fellow bloggers Maelstrom and Nife back in October, well we will be doing the same in early April. Hopefully the Daemon Codex arrives quickly so that I can get the Daemons sorted for the gaming. The meet up will end with the Forge World Open Day (tickets ordered).

So this month should see more Daemons, more Orks, more Quest and to round it off pictures from a weekend of gaming and new Resin Crack from the FW Open Day.


  1. 21 in and still going strong. The daemons are shaping up to be a nice force mate, and I can't wait to see what you do with the DA's. some nice weathering perhaps?

    The clients paint job of the karrier is coming along well too, alot less red then I thought there would be, but then I havent see his army, so I'm assuming they're all goofs now.

    1. I am sure weathering will play a part...

      Funnily enough his army is 50/50 Goffs and Evil Sunz/Speedfreeks.

  2. 21 months of solid gold, don't stop brother!!!