Sunday, 17 March 2013

Looted Wagons 28

Work has progressed a bit on the Looted Wagon...

So the turret and exhausts are basically done done, still need to do some GS welds and a bit of detail but otherwise I'll be able to move onto the next area (the sponsons) soon.

For the exhausts I went for something different on each side. I one side I kept the original Rhino detailing except for a new top piece, for the other side I went for a FW inspired Heresy era exhausts which called for the original exhausts to be removed as well as some material cut out from the hull.

The area between the exhausts will get a sponson so that hole in the middle on the right will be covered up.

The Skorcha turret proved more work intensive. This is the Mk II version as I abondoned the first version after a few hours. It just wasn't working.

So next up will be looting some Russ sponsons for it. Then it'll be the reinforced ram.

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