Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Looted Wagons 30

I think the first Wagon is now finished.

I added a stikkbomb chukka to the front made from a Marine smoke launcher. Originally I mounted it on the top of the turret but it looked horrible so I removed it (hence the added disc on the turret top covering up the original mounting point). I left one launcha empty, obviously the boyz have already attacked someone (or the krew got trigger happy). The turret hatch got a bit of detailing and a handle.

At the front I added some plating as well as one of the Rhino lights.

In the end I decided not to add anything else to the ram. I cut some pieces but it didn't look right at all.

'Da Leg Breaka'

As you can see the turret, hatch and Big Shootas are removeable.

Providing the client is happy this one is now done and I will more onto the second Looted Wagon. This will be an enclosed Wagon with a Boomgun mounted in a turret.


  1. Rictus, your Ork conversions are truly inspired! One of these days ill have to actually get some plasticard and give this a go!

    1. Thanks very much. Well worth giving it a go, the outcome is always worth the effort and Ork vehicles are very forgiving.

  2. Awesome work as always man! Love how that one turned out!