Thursday, 7 March 2013

Looted Wagons 26

So I find myself working on Looted Wagons again. Like the last batch these are for a commission.

For a change from my usual base model these are going to be Rhino based. This first one is an open topped version and will have a turret with a skorcha. Once the basic hull is done I'll look at doing a turret mock up, depending on how that looks the Wagon may end up with sponsons.

If it ends up with sponsons i'll add doors on the inside for access. For this reason I won't bother detailing the inside yet, don't want to have to remove it to add the doors.

For reasons i'm not certain of I decided to widen it by 6mm. No real need but I thought it would look better.

The front will be built out for the drivers cab and to mount the turret.


  1. I think, not only does it look better, but your spirit of the build is in line with exactly what a ork Mek would be thinking as he's scratching his head; he doesn't know why he does what he does, he just does it, and it works. Love it

    1. Cheers very much. Should be an update on the Wagon shortly...


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