Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Plaguebearers 4

So the Plague Drone has been put on hold as I need some more Plaguebearers and Nurglings for my meet up gaming weekend in a few weeks.

First off we have the Plaguebearers.

My Daemon force can be fielded in three forms, as a Zone Mortalis force, an Allied force and a small regular 40k army.

In the ZM force I have two units of 14 each with a champ, musician and icon bearer, the allied force has a single 20 man unit with champ, musician and icon bearer while the small 40k army has three units of 10, again each with a champ, musician and icon bearer.

You may (but probably don't) remember that my first two units of 'bearers had no musicians or icon bearers. With the new codex I now want these in, so my new box set of 'bearers are being built to not only bulk out the numbers but also supply the missing people in the first two units.

So we have a champion, three standard 'bearers, three musicians and three icon bearers.

To keep the champion looking different to the other champions I used a different head, the one with the big curly horns.

Now naturally I didn't look at the instructions so I didn't realise that head was meant for the musician.

So I had to improvise slightly. I used two of the heads for musicians after modifying the horns so the all didn't look the same, while for the third musician I used the bell from the Plague Drone set.

For the three icon bearers I made some small changes to the icon itself. Still need to do a bit to the middle one.

Out tomorrow at a gig, Friday though I should get last bits done and these undercoated. After doing a bit on the Wagon i'll then get them painted.


  1. Looking good mate, the plaguebearers are something I'd like to pic up in the future just to paint because they look so good.

    Adding anything else to the force now that the codex has changed?

    1. Well in addition to more 'bearers and Nurglings I have a box of Plague Drones (without riders) to add plus I will be rebasing the other FW Preacher you painted to use as a second Herald. Should be enough for now.

  2. Nurgle daemons are looking more appealing with the new plastic sets, are you going to be getting a box of the new plague drones?

    1. Yeah i've got a box to add. Though I will be leaving the riders off.

      btw, did you get the email? Si passed on the message that you wanted me to email you which I did, but as I didn't get a reply I don't know if it arrived...