Sunday, 7 February 2016

Horus Heresy Weekender 2016 - Final Post

Last post covering the Heresy Weekender 2016 from me. Later are some brief thoughts on the weekend but first to summarise the posts that have gone up on Recalcitrant Daze over the last two days...

Part 1 - New Models from the first day, including new Adeptus Mechanicum Automata & the Iron Warriors Iron Circle Automata, Legion Stormbird, Realm of Battle Landing Pad, new Marine Heavy Weapons, Solar Auxillia Medicae, Thousand Sons Contemptor Dreadnought, Cataphractii Terminator shoulder pads.

Plus pictures from the New Model Seminar.

Part 2 - World Eaters Diorama - Involving the new landing pad, Stormbird and a shed load of Marines in White and Blue. Updated 07/02/2016.

Part 3 - Golden Demon entries. Updated 07/02/2016.

Part 4 - New Models these are new models which weren't present on the Saturday including the new Knight and the Ursarex. Plus pictures of things I missed the first time around such as Thousand Sons heads, torsos and shoulder pads. Also a part painted Iron Circle guy which was being painted on the day.

Plus pictures from the Warlord Titan Seminar & Inferno Seminar. These include previews of more new models Adeptus Mechanicum Secutarii and Leman Russ

Personally I picked up Book Six - Retribution which looks very nice, I order a Leviathan and one of the new Automata - the Domitar. I also picked up the two BL Scripts books.

As always I enjoyed the weekend immensely. I know a few have commented elsewhere that they felt the weekend wasn't as good or was disappointing. This seemed mainly down to their not being a show only figure or a limited novella as per previous years.

Personally I don't go to these events for that, I enjoy the show only/limited stuff but it is just a bonus. I'm not that bothered about getting stuff pre-release either, I certainly don't go to buy stuff to put on ebay to try and make money.

I go so I can attend the seminars and hear from the designers and writers about the books and models, the process they went through and what direction they are taking. I go to meet the designers and occasionally speak to them as they are always very open to talk and discuss things. I go to see the new models close up and see how they are being developed when in the WIP state and I go to see the great displays they put on.

So overall it was as good as the previous three I have been to.


  1. I agree, i think this ws a great HHWeekender, with so much and unexpected new things !
    But people around are like "no primarch thus this is crap"..

    Thanks for the pictures !

    1. No worries. Happy to share the pics.

      Yeah, while not perfect and things could have been better (and some things have been better, such as being to eat lunch in the restaurant area rather than on the floor etc) it was still very good and worth going.