Sunday, 14 February 2016

Horus Heresy, Inq28 and 'Other Things'

Bit of a mixed bag for this update.

As last weekend was the Horus Heresy Weekender and a Meet Up I took three days off work, the payback for this is having to do more hours (and bring work home with me) to try and catch up. So there hasn't been much time for hobby stuff.

I have got a little done on the second bunker (update in next post) and a couple of models (see below). Today I thought I’d do a catch all type post to cover everything.

Horus Heresy Weekender:

You have all probably seen the previous posts regarding the Weekender and seen the pictures. As such I won’t talk about the event itself but instead go through the few things I picked up and what their purchase may mean.

First up we have a Leviathan Dreadnought. I pondered over what weapons to go for but in the end I went with the longer ranged guns. This guy will plod along with the infantry giving them a huge amount of fire support, while a couple of Contemptors will instead be getting up close and personal with the enemy.

I also picked up a Domitar Automata. I didn't have any plans for one of these and indeed I have already bought a set of three built Castellex off ebay (for a price which meant I got one free compared to RRP). With the addition of the Domitar the Adeptus Mechanicum force I have sitting in a box means I will likely have two spare Castellex. I could sell these but I am thinking instead I’ll make the Iron Warrior Show Only figure I have into a Death Guard and let him turn up with a couple of Castellex.  The Death Guard have got to the point where I will never use them all in one go, so adding a few more will hardly hurt, bit of variety to choose from.

There may be two in the picture but only one of them is mine.

The most important purchase from the Weekend was The Horus Heresy Book Six – Retribution.

So pretty.

Almost finished the story part and so far it has been very good.

I am already thinking of doing a Shattered Legion force after the Death Guard (so probably circa 2026 or so). Not sure if I will do a force comprised of loyalists from traitor Legions or traitors from the loyalist Legions. It will come down to what units I like the look of most, at the moment I'm edging towards Traitors though...

Thoughts on 40k.

Recently there were some leaks from the forthcoming campaign book for 40k featuring Space Wolves, Deamons and to a lesser extent the Dark Angels.

After seeing the last campaign book and other recent things from GW I have to say I am a little disappointed. This is not to say I am against them doing campaigns; I think this is a good thing. Adding new units to armies, bringing in new story arcs etc. I’d rather that then a constant re-haul of a Codex seemingly straight after the last time it was done.

But the things which disappoint me are:
  • The writing.
  • The artwork.

This is a problem as the things that got me into this hobby and 40k especially is a. the writing and b. the artwork. So when both (in my opinion I stress) have gone down in quality it makes me question why I want to stick with 40k. This really started to bug me with the Ork Codex when I found the whole thing full of photos of models rather than the artwork I was used to and loved so much.

The saving grace for me is Forge World. Both the IA and HH books are excellent reads and full of great artwork.

I'm thinking of just abandoning 40k and moving exclusively into 30k or at least just sticking to FW rule sets so I can forget about the GW codex books and expansions. Which is a bit of a problem with the Deamons. May also mean the Ork Zone Mortalis force may be for the chopping block.

Might be the end of the road for these guys...

But that isn't happening over night so we’ll wait and see how things pan out.

Inq28 / Inquisimunda.

In my post a month or so back I listed some things I wanted to at least start looking at over the following couple of months.

One of these was my 30k set Inq28 warbands based around Forge World models (mainly the show only figures).

Well yesterday I actually got two of them out, gave them a scrub and a primer undercoat.

Enforcer and Navigator, both for the Loyalist Warband.

This means I have officially started. Let’s see how long it takes before I do anything else on them.

The End Bit.

That got a bit wordy didn't it?

For those who got this far here are a few more pictures I took at the Heresy Weekender. First is the WIP rules for the new Knight. I wasn't going to post these as I don't tend to post up rules but as they have appeared elsewhere I might as well for those who haven't seen them. Also we have some pictures from the sketch book of (the very nice as he let me take pictures of them) Mark Bedford.


  1. I'm not saying you picked the wrong weapons for your Leviathan, Rictus, but I'm going to say you went about picking them the wrong way.

    "What weapons look coolest on it?" is the proper way to figure out your load out.

    1. Ah but I was choosing between the weapons I thought looked cool, at that point it comes down to what suits the force theme and role the most.

  2. Love the leviathan dread. IMO that is how all the "normal" dreads should look. (vs the box standard we have now).

    Oh poor orks...i have been desperately awaiting vol 2 of IA:8...and have nearly cried as they have slowly updated everything BUT IA:8. :(

    1. The Levi is certainly a better design, though it's far too big and powerful to be a regular run of the mill Dread, would be nice if they redesigned the regular Dread (never going to happen with the amount of different versions they do) taking design features from the Levi.

      IA8 is a great book, does it need that much updating?


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