Monday, 4 August 2014

Dreadball 1

I've not died. I've just been busy.

Nothing has been done on the Blight Drone since the last post but I have started putting the Dreadball team together. My hope was to get them done for the next meet up, however that starts this Friday so that isn't going to happen.

I picked the robots for my team. In all honesty I don't like most of the teams Mantic have done, esp the Xenos ones, I think in the main they are pretty horrible.

I have to be even more honest and say I really don't like Mantic models, I can't stand this material they use.

This team is not going to be brilliantly painted, I am going for a very basic build and paint job. I got so annoyed just putting the first three together I nearly chucked the whole lot of them and didn't touch them again for a week.

I have so far only got three in a PIP state and a further two assembled

I couldn't be bothered with the shiny look Mantic use, I wanted a battered, dirty look instead.

Still need to do more weathering on these three and also pick out some detail like the 'eye'.

Sooner I get them built the better, it's the only set of Mantic models I intend on buying and the sooner I can say I never have to clean one up again the better.

On a positive note the game itself is very good.


  1. The teraton are superbs models, well compared to other mantics efforts. And hellish full to play with.

    I rarely win but the telporting is fun :D

    1. Don't like the look of them at all, like I said I think they do great games (from my experience of them) but i'm really not a fan of their models in design or quality of material.

  2. I feel your pain. It is a fantastic game to play but i felt like screaming when assembling their models. The stuff they make it out of is awful and trying to remove the mould lines is a herculean effort that I ultimately failed at. Painted my robots in a rusty style to hide the scars from my mould line removal efforts. I really like the style you are going with yours and look forward to seeing them finished

    1. Good to now I'm not alone.

      I think it will take me a while to get them finished. With the basic team and the booster set there is a fair few to get through and I won't be able to do more than a few at a time without wanting to hurt something...


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