Sunday, 17 August 2014

Deadzone, Infinity and a Castle.

So last weekend civilisation was left behind as myself and Maelstrom left the mainland to visit the Isle known as Wight for out latest group gathering with Nife.

As this gathering we tried out two new games, Deadzone and Infinity...


For some reason I only tended to get pictures of the back of models.


We all rather enjoyed Deadzone, was a good laugh and pretty quick to pick up.


Annoyingly almost all the pictures turned out crap, here are the only two that were passable:

I did manage to get some decent pictures of Maelstroms religious nut models (no idea of their name).

Have to say I wasn't won over by Infinity, it seems a game you might as well flip a coin at the beginning to see who wins. I won the first two games we tried, but I seemed to win both without actually doing anything and in the same amount of time it took to set up we got in about three games.

In addition to those we got in a game of Zombicide (always good fun) and my robot team beat Nife's Orx team in Dreadball 4-0, which considering by the final turn I had two dead players, two more off the pitch and one player knocked down I find the fact I won surprising.

While there we visited a castle...

I do like a good castle.

At some point I will get to working on some models again.


  1. I have not played deadzone yet but it looks like a fun game to pick up. Infinity can be quite complicated and does require a little effort to really get into it. There is a new edition being released soon which should address many of the issues that currently plague the game. Dreadball is awesome :)

    1. The Deadzone game play will be very familiar to you if you know Dreadball, Same quick and easy to pick up and leads to an enjoyable game. I'm sure we'll try Infinity again but it seemed almost like toss a coin to see who wins.

  2. I'd have gotten that game back to 0-0 if I actually had a Jack that could pick up a ball!! Bloody goblins... (good fun entertaining game though).

    1. Yeah, yeah, of course you could have...

  3. Hey Rictus, long time no speak.

    You may remember me as Darkseer from the Ammo Bunker forums many many years ago?

    Anyway, your work is awesome and I was wondering if you'd like some help funding your hobby by joining the Wayland Games Affiliate Program?

    Please have a read and let me know what you think.

    PS: You really should be running AdSense on your blog as well. You'd be amazed how helpful it is when you need to buy some more plastic dudes.

    Anyway, please have a read, sign up and message me back with any questions you might have.

    All the best

    1. Hi, yeah I do remember you from way back when...

      Thanks for the offer but to be honest I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that as I haven't used Wayland for a while now.

      Likewise I'll be keeping clear of ads, I do the blog just to show what I do and I hope people enjoy looking, ads would just annoy me as they do on blogs I visit.

      Anyway, thanks for the thought and getting in touch.

  4. Sorry to hear you didn't quite care for Infinity, but I'll second the statement that the upcoming 3rd edition will help many folks, and make the game more easily digestible and solve many concerns. I love it :)

    1. I'm sure we will give it a few more goes when we can, especially with revised rules coming out. It seemed so lethal that it hardly mattered what you did. I don't mind lethality in a wargame when you have lots of bodies but in a small skirmish game it seemed very overkill and led to daft situations with one player winning easily without actually doing anything to win (did that make sense?)..

  5. I picked up deadzone recently and quite enjoyed it. The impetus for my purchase was the fact that Mantic offered Deadzone rules for the Mars Attacks figures. So I shall be playing the Martians in Deadzone once they arrive. I thought it was a fun and balanced game. I am not over fond of Infinity as it just seems overly complex. I love the figures though.

    1. Yeah have to agree, though i'm not keen on many of the Infinity figures.