Saturday, 19 July 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Blight Drone II - 6

Some more progress on the base...

Decided to add a poster. I did these propaganda posters ages ago and while I have seen a few other people use them this is the first time I have actually used one myself other than a few test goes. The post on RD I did covering them is still one of the most viewed pages on here.

Went for the Cadian one as it's a classic. And suits some of my terrain which has Cadian equipment knocking around.

Also on the base I did the discharge.

I wanted a different effect than on the first drone, for a number of reasons - 1. to give some variety between the two 2. to bring different contrast between the gunk and the ruin and 3. I can't remember how I did the first one.

I tried lots of things and nothing seemed to work.

Then I just went for the whole bloody-pussy-discharge instead.

The drone itself has got more paint on it now, base coats and the start of the washes. Lots more to do yet.


  1. Classic indeed. I used a number of them on my city table I made in 2006 or 07 IIRC.

    1. Always good to hear someone putting them to use.

  2. I use them on nearly all of my terrain pieces. Thank you for making the sheet!

    1. My pleasure, always give me a buzz when I spot one on your work.