Saturday, 14 June 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Plague Hulk 2

Managed to get a little more done on the Plague Hulk.

When I first picked up the 'Hulk the plan was to do a quick and easy build job, basically straight out of the box. It is a nice looking kit with no real need for me to change anything.

However...I have never been a fan of the Defiler. To be frank there is nothing I like about it. Now the Plague Hulk solves most of the issues but I still don't like the blades mounted on the legs, I think they look stupid.

The last time I used a Defiler in a conversion I removed them all and left the leg armour plates off, but for the Hulk I wanted to use the leg armour but still wanted to lose the spikes.

So I have put the first leg together. It still needs some clean up but it is basically done.

Now I have assumed the 'rods' you see in the leg are meant to move - pistons perhaps changing the leg length as required. As such the leg armour needs to allow this.

My initial idea was to simply fill the slots in the armour plate in so it was solid but taking into account the above I instead added 'washers' and bolts. These hold the armour plate in place while allowing movement on the leg.

You may notice I mounted the armour plate upside down, with the widest part at the top. When I did the dry run I just liked that far better.

As you can see I attacked the leg with the Dremel as they look far to clean and neat for a Nurgle Daemon Engine. I removed the very chunky looking chaos stars as well as adding a little GS. I won't be adding much GS to the legs just a little here and there mainly to cover up some of the crap joins of the plastic leg parts.

With the body I started adding GS, part to blend the Daemon and machine in a bit more, partly to cover gaps and partly to hide the fact I had to cut the lower plates into three pieces and shave some of it away.

I am yet to give it the Dremel treatment.

Thanks for all those who made suggestions of what I could put in his raised left hand.

I am still undecided. Not wanting to give him a weapon in that hand limits my choices (a scythe ot some sort of censer would have been nice). I also want to avoid trophies as I personally find it jarring when the corpse trophy doesn't match who you are facing each time.

Currently thinking maybe a tree branch or piece of ruin to nicely tie in the Plague Hulk with terrain and the other large pieces in the army (Drone bases, Spined Beast base etc).

I am though still very much open to other ideas so if you have one please do let me know.

To finish I mentioned I had done some conversions before using Defiler parts, I don't think I have ever put them up on RD so until I do a post about them here is a couple of shots of my Nurgle Dreadnoughts. If I had kept these two I could probably have used them as Decimators...


  1. May I ask where you got the rods and the tubes for the legs? Or point me in the direction of where I could get some like that? Thanks!

  2. Hi, sorry for not replying sooner, I didn't get notification.

    The cables are from Zinge Industries - their wire wrapped cables which are available in different sizes.


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