Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Plague Hulk 1

First post showing actual models for a while...

Not a great deal to show to be honest as it is very, very early WIP.

All I have done is scrubbed the bits and added the Defiler body lower plate to the Plague Hulk body. This was a pain as the plastic bit doesn't fit due to minor shrinkage of the resin, so to get it to fit I had to cut it into three piece and shave off plastic. It will need a fair amount of work to get it right yet. I will also be adding plenty of GS as well, I was planning this even before I found out I needed to do it to hide the gaps between the three pieces.

Now the rules for the Plague Hulk aren't great to be honest, it comes with an 'Iron Fist' close combat weapon - i.e. a Dreadnought CCW, which can be upgraded to the sword the model comes with. To be frank the sword is no way worth the additional 25 points. I'd far rather have the Str 10, AP 2 fist.

As such i'll be keeping the Iron Fist option, I won't model this however as the model comes with the two massive Defiler front claws which more than adequately covers the CCW role.

But that leaves me with a problem of what to do with the fist held aloft holding the sword. I don't actually like the sword (plus it's bent all over the place), not much I can do with the pose but I need to replace it with something else he is holding.

So my question is this, does anyone have any ideas what I can put in his left hand instead of the sword?


  1. Maybe a trophy of some kind, a keeper of secrets head maybe ;) or if you feel up to it maybe a giant scythe?

  2. Flag/ Banner pole. the ones that come with plaguebearers are good, but you'd want something bigger and more impressive.

  3. a screaming victim? A Cities of Death lamp-post, painted up to show it rusting where the Plague Hulk is holding it?

  4. How about a standard/icon of nurgle? The pose is perfect for that, the only banner I can think of which would be large enough is the one from the miniatures box. Or just make an icon and not a flag.

    You could also use the big flaming plague censor from the skaven screaming bell kit, that would look pretty awesome . I used it for a chaos altar with some screaming faces green stuffed into the flames, just some thoughts.

  5. A hand from the giant kit, holding a victim or something similar?

  6. More comments than I am used to...to save repeating things or missing people out i'll do one reply...

    I want to avoid any obvious weapon, as I don't want it to be confusing when it comes to what he is armed with (which will be the Iron Fist with his big claws), so while I thought of a scythe or giant plague censer (both very good ideas generally) I will have to pass on that route.

    An Icon is possible but I like to think of him as a living embodiment of Nurgle, so he is basically his own Icon in (rotting) flesh, but more importantly i'd rather not have a big pole or something sticking up as I can just see me breaking it off when gaming or packing him away/transporting.

    Some sort of trophy may have to be the way to go, the problem I have with that (on any model) is that I always find it odd to have one thing haning as a trophy when you aren't playing against them, always find it jarring it...but a Marine perhaps dangling by his leg, or an Eldar heavy weapon ripped off a vehicle, or maybe just a tree branch perhaps.

    As you can see I am still a bit undecided...so if you have any more suggestions let me have them please...