Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Ten Months and Still Going, Surprisingly.

The eighth of the month has rolled around again, so once more I shall subject you to the ‘Recalcitrant Daze Monthly not-sure-why-I-do-these-posts-but-I-started-it-so-I-will-have-to-continue Post’*.

So yeah, RD hits Ten Months since its debut post. Not exactly a milestone on par with this years diamond jubilee but I’m still pretty pleased how it is plodding along.

The last month has seen two things dominate on RD – Looted Wagons and 3D modelling/printing.

The former was a pretty straight forward build ‘em and sell ‘em job but was enjoyable none the less. The gentlemen who bought the last two wagons has commissioned me to build three more Looted Wagons based on Leman Russ tanks. As such you will be seeing more Looted Wagons in the near future (in the next few days work will begin) which after saying recently that I won’t be doing any more for some time proves just how little I can be trusted when the prospect of some money is laid in front of me…

…however the money brought in by the Looted Wagons has funded the experiments into 3D printing, as such one mustn’t grumble when given the chance to turn more of my 3D models into prints.

Unfortunately I have more ideas of what I can use 3D printing for than I could turn into projects. Possible terrain ideas alone include:
Gun Emplacement (though already started printing parts so no longer in the 'possible pile’).
Trench system – wall panels, straight floor & junction floor panels as a minimum.
Modular bunkers – to fit in with the defensive walls.
Bastions – again to fit with the design aesthetic of the defensive walls.
Cityfight – detail pieces for buildings such as doors/windows, steps, edging pieces.

I’m never going to get all that done. Least likely are new bastions (too costly) and cityfight (I haven’t the room for storing ruins). Shame as I am itching to work on those cityfight pieces some more.

To end I would like to thank the new followers, thanks very much. Thanks as always to those who have posted comments, it is always appreciated. I think that is enough for this post. I will be putting up another concept post regarding Cityfight, just to help clarify some of the ideas I have (though as mentioned I won’t actually be doing a cityfight project for a long time yet...). The next proper modelling update will be the initial work on the Looted Wagons as the final base kit arrived today.

Oh, actually there is one last thing. Now I have my own range of defensive walls I have a load of GW walls going spare. They shall be up on eBay this Sunday but if anyone wants to grab a set (or multiple sets) let me know ASAP. Each set has six single and six double walls. Say £15 per set including postage?


* I may need a snappier title.


  1. Good stuff, Rictus - I've really been enjoying all your customs and kitbashes over the last ten months. Keep up the great work!

    1. Cheers very much, hopefully the next ten months will go by so smoothly.

  2. You never know, there might be more paint in the next 10 (on renegades ;) ). I've been following for a while but not posted. Using Chrome now and it seems to run blogger a lot better so I may well post more often....

    1. Long time no speak (not that I didn't drop you a PM or two...).

      In fairness I have painted more (on models) in the last ten months while I have had the blog than I did in the ten years previously.