Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Looted Wagons 17

Update on the Looted Wagons, this is the second Destroya type Wagon with a hull mounted Boomgun.

I decided to use the mounting plate from the Demolisher Cannon for the Boomgun. Unfortunately this meant fiddling around doing angled plates on the front of the Russ as the Demolisher Cannon is mounted at an angle and I wanted the Boomgun to be parallel with the ground.

The Demolisher bits (i.e. the metal pieces) will be glued to the hull, the styrene tube however slots in place and will stay removeable for weapon destroyed results.

Started looking at the rear, but the plate isn't glued in place yet. This piece of styrene is just the base of the rear, I will break up the flat area.

Will get more done on it tomorrow so there should (should) be another update. I am out all Friday evening and night so I want to make good progress on the Wagon tomorrow so I can spend some time Saturday doing more casting...

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