Monday, 20 February 2012

Looted Wagons 14

Finally been able to start properly working on the three Looted Wagons.

I spent some more time stripping the remaining paint off two of the Russes (I couldn't face doing all three at once, i'll have a go at finishing the stripping of the other one in a day or two) and tonight I was able to start cutting and adding styrene.

Looted Wagon One:

The will be a classic 'Destroya' build - namely hull mounted Boomgun and a co-axial Big Shoota (made from an Assault Cannon to tie in with the Looted Chimera it will be fighting alongside).

Looted Wagon Two:

Also a 'Destroya' build with a hull mounted Boomgun as the first Wagon, but this one will have the additional weapons (Rokkit Launchas) in a small turret.

The first two will have similar hull designs, especially at the rear but the details will be different. The one having the small turret will obviously set them apart the most.

The third wagon will now have a turret mounted Boomgun, rather than being another Destroya.

I also stripped the paint off a battlecannon cut from one of the Russ turrets and added the tubing to it.

I will be working on the Defensive Wall bits tomorrow - namely doing the moulds. But the next update on here will probably on the Looted Wagons again as I won't do an update on the walls till the moulds are done and the first casts are made.

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