Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Been a bit quiet & MWC

Recently life has been somewhat devoid of models, instead it has been full of building furniture, moving stuff from one place to another, sorting, chucking crap and so on.

I'm knackered.

However the three Looted Wagons are almost stripped so this sunday I will be starting on them properly, update to follow that night or Monday.

Miniature Wargame Conversion...

My first article is up on MWC. For a change it has no Orks in it, instead it is regarding some techniques in converting Nurgle vehicles.

It can be found here.

While you are there check out the competition the guys have running currently, it might give you some inspiration or motivation with a project.

Normal service should be resumed shortly...


  1. We all get there at times mate. Go to the pub after work, get some food and a pint, come home, watch a movie, and then rack out. Do this till you feel like working on something again, and for the love of the dark gods, don't move the furniture during this resting phase!

    Nice article, by the by.

    1. Ah, I think you got the wrong end of the stick. I having been filling time because I don't want to work on models or feel burnt out it is that I had a roof leak which meant I had to move a load of stuff to allow the clear up, I then had to put everything back together again while also deciding to take the opportunity to replace a couple of pieces of furniture and have a mass sort out which led to a whole other load of complications. As soon as the last few things are sorted I will be back to doing the Ork Wagons.

      In the meantime I have 750 odd CD's I need to organise and put in the new units...

    2. Doc Faolan still recommends a pub trip and an evening of complete downtime. Doc's orders.

    3. I don't drink so pubs are a bit pointless for me to be honest...