Friday, 6 October 2017

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 15 and 8th Edition


It's been over a year since I last looked at finishing my CRM Infantry off.

But finally, unbelievably, it is done.

The final models - namely six Lascannon teams are built, based and undercoated.

I've kept the lascannons unglued for ease of painting. Below are them once the undercoat was done, with the las in place.

I also got the eight artillery crew finished off along with some extra lasguns which will get added to the HW bases once painted.

So they all join the mortar and missile launcher teams already finished, along with Hooky the Scanner Guy.

Next job will be packing them all up to send to Sheep to paint.

I will be glad to see them go.

The final update to the tracker sheet has been done, just look at all that red. Joyous.

My attention now turns to how to field these in 8th Edition.

I have the Index book from Forge World and I am more than a little unimpressed. It really seems to have been a rush job converting the IA13 list to 8th edition and much of what made it a great army list is lost. A post about IA13 can be found HERE.

We have lost the awesome Demagogue Devotions. These were the jewel of the list, it allowed you to tailor and theme the force in so many different ways. Some of these options can still be done in some ways as all the army options have now been opened up and you just select units you want.

My force has taken a real hit and frankly it has sucked all my enthusiasm of getting them built out of me.

The biggest loss for me is that the Devotion I used to use was 'Bloody Handed Reaver'. This turned my force into a traitor Guard regiment, just what I wanted. A professional Chaos army, with proper training and equipment. It also allowed me to take what was basically Storm Trooper squads with hot shot lasguns and carapace armour.

But my force has lost: Militia Training, Storm Trooper squads, Flak Armour, Vet squads as Troops (same as Guard list), mixed Ogryn and Beast units and being able to have different Covenants through out the army - you now either have nothing or everyone follows the same Chaos God.

A run down of the new force is below...

With only three troop choices but now 10(!) Elite choices I am limited with what I can do.

My Storm Trooper squads are now all armed with non-legal weapons.

My force has gone from a professional organised killing machine to an army full of conscripts who can't hit the arse of a Gargantuan Squiggoth and have armour that drops off in a light breeze.

I just don't understand why FW didn't put some of this in the 8th list, it is hardly game breaking and makes the list far better.

Meh. Buggers are built now. Fingers crossed by the time they are all painted things will have changed.

I can tell you now I am not re-organising them again or breaking them apart to change what they are armed with.


  1. I'm with you in the dislike for current rules, as like you I'd designed and played my Renegades as Bloody Handed Reavers. Hopefully FW update these in the near future

    1. I feel sorry for those who may have taken some of the other devotions which meant heavily converting models which are now redundant etc.

  2. Give it time I'm sure FW will be coming out with a proper list soon enough.

  3. The way GW and FW work, they will probably sooner or later make "new" rules which will be ok, as I heard they plan to also release Death Korps

    1. I think it'll be a while yet the time it take FW to put out new Imperial Armour books.

  4. I'll bend with you ! Your army has always been a major inspiration for me, and my traitor guard isn't a simple band of chaos worshippers, it is a regiment who turned its devotion to the dark gods. We need proper rules for such an army ASAP.

    1. Cheers. Hopefully we'll get something quicker than I fear we might.