Sunday, 24 September 2017

Looted Repulsor Tank 2

Here is the current state of the Looted Repulsor.

Still a fair bit to do, but it has certainly moved on since the last post.

The one rear exhaust got replaced with an Orky one:

The other gubbins were added to the rear including the hear shields - one standard, one ork. These aren't glued in place.

One light got replaced and the left side of the tanks got up Orkified.


I then looked to the system to attach the trailer. Movement in two axis which will have to be enough.

Note the Grot door below to allow a Grot to head out and unhook the trailer if required (a volunteer I am sure).

So with the trailer in place it looks like this:

I will have to do a base for this as it isn't practical to use (or display) without one.

Rivet count now up to 1011.

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  1. Marvellous and very orky, great stuff again!

  2. I love the fact that you've taken the primaris marines' best ride and looted it - splendid work!

  3. Your work with plasticard is marvelous. It is only surpassed by your striking creative vision. GW could not make a better ork vehicle. Fantastic.

  4. Loving it! The combo of the floating tank and the wheeled trailer is ever so orky.

  5. Cheers for all of the comments.


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