Friday, 13 October 2017

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Plague Hulk Redux 1

Been a while since I've done anything for my Daemons.

Browsing the 8th Edition rule book I realised I was very close to being able to put together a Brigade Detachment. One of the two units I lacked was a Heavy Support choice.

Being a put Nurgle Daemon force I don't have many options. My preference was another Plague Hulk, but Forge World appear to not be selling it at the moment and also I didn't want two identical models.

So I picked up a beat up poorly assembled Defiler off eBay, sorted some spare (and broken) Soulgrinder bits I had and along with a ping pong ball set about creating my own Plague Hulk.

After prising off the legs I set about fixing the Soulgrinder body in place, using lots of styrene off cuts and GS to help secure the torso and fill in the large gaps.

The ping pong ball was then introduced...

The weapon was only held in place at this point and the right arm was yet to be butchered.

With the legs in place it was shaping up something like this:

From there I attacked him with a knife and a dremel, before making head ways in the large amount of Green Stuff that will be needed. Note the right arm has now been sawn off to allow me to make changes to the pose.

The rear was bulked out with styrene and GS, it was later cut back and dremel'd to give a base for GS to be added.

At this point in time a lot more GS has gone on him, but there is still a lot to do. The right arm is now in place but still bare.

Some areas on the back is still base work, yet to be textured and others are underlying features to later be part covered.

There is a lot of work to do yet, but i'm liking him.

Final shot, the head in place (not yet glued).

So yeah, that's the new Project. One more new project to join the other 'new' projects.

With him on the chopping board I should post an updated State of Play chart. Alas I also picked up some more Plaguebearers and Plaguedrones, so I've gone from doing not bad-ish on the force to being well behind on getting them finished. Still really want plastic Beasts...


  1. Wow, I think I would rather buy this model than the forgeworld version! Fantastic work! The ping pong ball was genius and gives a terrific effect.

  2. Looks awesome, cool idea with the ping pong ball too!

  3. Cheers for all of the comments.

    Must admit the ping pong ball is one of the best ideas I have ever had...