Monday 29 May 2017

Warhammer Fest - Part 2 - Displays, Exhibitions et al.

More pictures for you, these from the various displays and other exhibits that were on show.

I took a lot more than this, this is just a small selection.

Some tables from the Warhammer World team starting with the Overlords display:


A work in progress display - this is only one half of it.

Nu-Marines against Papa Nurgles forces.

Next up is the Shadow Wars mining plant from the Design Team:

The Warlord Titan diorama, forgot now who actually did this - Forge World? Not sure, let me know if you know.

That'll do.


  1. Great photos, but not enough displays this year for my liking, what did you think?

    1. It would always be nice to have more, I didn't leave thinking they were lacking compared to last year though not having a big Forge World display was a shame. On the other hand we had more boards from the WHW team.

  2. The warlord diorama is pretty amazing!!

    1. It is, lot's of details in there that are easy to miss first time.

  3. cool photos. Thanks for sharing


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