Sunday, 28 May 2017

Warhammer Fest 2017 - Part 1 - New Stuff

First batch of pictures from Warhammer Fest 2017.

Only managed to get into the Specialist Games seminar this time round, so no pics from the Forge World seminar.

Specialist Games:

Adeptus Titanicus.

Not much info to give other than what is on the slide below. Expect it next year, probably.

While their is no official announcement it is looking like all plastic titans.

Blood Bowl:

Big news is that the forthcoming teams will also be in plastic. The first round of teams have sold so well they have been given the go ahead to carry on. It does mean a bit of a wait till the next team (see below), until then we'll get more star players in resin as well as conversion kits.

Also Season 3 hasn't been written yet.

Also, also, if you want to see Dungeonball you need to pester Tony Cottrell into agreeing with it. Andy Hoare really wants to do it as a boxed game (as it'll need dungeon peices, treasure chests etc) but to do that he needs to persuade send emails, letters, pigeons etc.

New Skaven Star Player, model in cabinet so not far away.

More dice, special play cards and pitches are coming.

The Minotaur below was done by a sculptor in his own time so he could teach himself 3D sculpting. Turned out so good FW bought it off him. He'll be for Chaos teams...and Chaos Dwarf.

Forge World - 40k & 30k

Tau planes, I think these are new so took pictures...


Punisher Sicarian:

Custodes Big Dread:

Magnus next to Wolfy for a nice size comparison:

Sisters of Silence Funky Transport:

LotR & The Hobbit.

I admit I really don't know much about this and I don't know what's new, what's already out, what's coming etc. As such I just grabbed pics of things that grabbed my fancy.

That was a lot of pictures.


  1. Great stuff, missed you there yesterday, cos I didn't know what you look like ha ha, but thanks for taking photos, better than mine!

    1. No worries. Will you be at the Forge World Open Day? If so we'll have to arrange meeting up there at some point.

  2. Thanks for posting these - I believe that amongst all the coverage on various sites, yours is the most comprehensive and informative.

    1. Cheers very much. I don't go to any great lengths and I am not one of those blogs who seem desperate to get info up first etc. I just pass on what i remember and share the pictures I take. Glad to know people appreciate the time it takes to get them up.

  3. Great pictures of great stuff, as usual. Much appreciated, thanks!


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