Saturday, 27 May 2017

Mr Alan Bligh

Today we had the sad news of Alan Bligh's passing.

I didn't feel it right to not in some way mark this, so before I post the usual slew of pictures from today's event I thought I would write a few words.

I had the pleasure to speak to Alan on a few occasions, only briefly but even with only those short conversations I always came away with nothing but positivity and enthusiasm as that seems to exude from the man.

I have the luck to be in a position where I can attend many of the events that Forge World take part in, such as the Horus Heresy Weekender, the Forge World Open Day and Warhammer Fest, and in doing so had the chance to sit in a great number of the seminars which were run.

It is from these seminars that my opinion of Alan Bligh is mainly based. His enthusiasm, his passion and his encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject - 40k, the Horus Heresy and real world history, could not fail to grab you like a giant hand, pick you up and take you along the same journey he was travelling on.

He had the ability to give you an answer to the question you didn't know you had asked. And he would do it with humour and in a way that made you want to ask more questions. He was always happy to talk and any questions which he had no doubt been asked a dozen times already that day were still answered with enthusiasm and passion.

Our hobby world will be a sadder place without him. He leaves a hole I do not think any one person could ever fill, but he also leaves us a wealth of work and material that will continue to inspire us for many, many years.

Even if I never pick up a model again I will always have those books on my shelf and I will continue to pick them up and read the words that take my mind on journeys into the Age of Darkness or into the Grimdark that is the Imperium.

I am embarrassed to say I failed to sign the remembrance book before I left today, for someone I had such respect and admiration for it is something I will always regret. I hope this will at least go some way to address the balance.


  1. Well that explains the lower quality of the latest FW's book, he wasn't there to watch over it, a bleak future for Heresy gaming...

    1. The last book was his book. He died Friday after a short illness. Some time after the last book was finished and released.

  2. Alright, but the book have some rules ptifalls (the campaign missions) and photoshop errors (tourists showing up on Prospero) that would never have happened should Bligh have been in perfect health and 100% at the wheel.

    1. Every FW book has the same issues due to them not having enough proofreaders or properly checking things. That has nothing to do with Alan Bligh, and at the time of writing the book he was fine.

  3. Francesc I think you are missing the point of this post. You are doing Mr Bligh a disservice here, so kindly move on please.


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