Thursday, 17 November 2016

Well, this happened.

Yeah, well. It's hard to say no when one of these buggers comes along...

The big question is do I stop at just one of them?

In other news I had the second sketch book from the excellent Karl Kopinski arrive yesterday.

Like the first volume it is full of great sketches and each one has a one off sketch in the front cover.

In other, other, news I've not touched anything hobby wise still, except getting some gaming in over the weekend. I am thinking that I need to get something going just to keep my eye in.

With the Weekender coming in February my eye is turning to the Adeptus Mechanicum Zone Mortalis force I have unbuilt in a box.


  1. Now that you have the Aeronautica Imperialis scale model for reference making that 40k scale version will be a synche!!!

    1. Hmm. You could probably use the 40k scale one as a gaming table for kill team.

    2. It would be roughly tau manta sized.

    3. The Harbinger wingspan isn't as big as a Manta, but it would be far greater in length.

  2. Karl Kopinski, thanks for the heads up, seen his work everywhere, now I think I may get Vol. 1!


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